Platform Politics Schedule

Platform Politics - A Multidisciplinary Conference


11 - 13 May , 2011, Anglia Ruskin University, St George House, Cambridge



Wednesday 11 May


Pre-Conference Event introduced by Joss Hands and Jussi Parikka


17.15 - 19.15


Michel BauwensSocial struggles and corporate platforms: within or without?

Michael Goddard - Platforms, Parties and Plateaus:

 Towards an Autonomous Take on Platform Politics



Thursday 12 May


Arrival & Registration 9.00 onwards


9.25 - 9.40

Welcome from the organisers: Joss Hands & Jussi Parikka


9.40 - 11.40 - Keynote Panel

(Boardroom) Chair: Jussi Parikka


Tiziana Terranova - Hyper-social Networks and Revolutionary Affect

Nick Couldry - The Disappearing Social: Some Problems in Theories of Networked Politics


11.40 - 12.00 Coffee break


12.00 - 13.30 - Panels


Stream 1 (Boardroom) Chair: Joss Hands


Simon Collister and Dan Mcquillan - Platforms as assemblages of resistance: a case study of hybridised media activism during the Egyptian uprising

Ulises Mejias - Twitter Revolutions, Monopsonies and Platform Epistemes

Anastasia Kavada - Web platforms and collective action: the complementary roles of proprietary and non-proprietary platforms.


Stream 2 (VC’s Office) Chair: Ganaele Langlois


Carolin Gerlitz and Anne Helmond - The Like economy: Organizing value and the social

Radhika Gajjala - E-philanthropy and Digital Globalization through online
 micro-transactional platforms

Anja Kanngieser - Exploring the Research Platform: Methods for Transcultural Political Mappings.


 13.30 - 14.45 Lunch Break 


14.45 - 15.45 - Keynote

(Boardroom) Chair: Ganaele Langlois 


Dmytri Kleiner - The Telekommunist Manifesto


15.45 - 16.00 Short Break


16.00 - 18.00 - Panel

(Boardroom) Chair: David M. Berry


Mark Cote - Platform polis and the (non)local political body

Alessandra Renzi - Platfomativity- Media Making in an Age of Collaboration

Tarleton Gillespie - The Private Governance of Digital Content, or how Apple intends to offer you 'freedom from porn’

Alison Powell - Openness and Enclosure in Mobile Internet Architecture


18.00 Close


19.00 - Dinner

Jamie Oliver’s Italian, The Old Library, Wheeler St

Please let us know if you would like to attend - there will be two set menus to chose from, see here



Friday 13 May


9.30-11.30 - Panel

(Boardroom) Chair: Jussi Parikka


Robert Jackson (Geoff Cox co-author) - Antagonistic Interfa(e)ces: The purification of General Intellect, encapsulation and impure code

Chris Chesher - Materialising robotic platforms

Dean Lockwood and Rob Coley - Digging a Deeper Hole:

Cloud computing and the tame ghost of radicalism 

Paul Caplan - Software Tunnels Through the Rags 'n Refuse: Object Oriented Software Studies and Platform Politics 



11.30 - 11.50 - Coffee Break


11.50 - 13.20 - Panel

(Boardroom) Chair: Greg Elmer


Nick Dyer-Witheford - Red Plenty Platforms: For a New, Networked Socialism

Felix Stalder - The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks. Platforms for radical politics of access and their politics

David M. Berry - The Ontology of Twitter


13.20 -14.30 - Lunch


14.30-16.00 - Panels



Stream 1 (Boardroom) Chair: Rob Coley 


Nick Mahony - Towards a three-dimensional view of contemporary participative experimentation

Thomas Poell (Co-author Erik Borra) The Social Media Protest Environment: Constructing the Collective Now

Jennifer Jones - Online Platforms and Citizen Media Collectives: The Vancouver Winter Games 2010


Stream 2 (VC’s Office) Chair: Dean Lockwood


Carlos Barreneche - Location Platforms and the Production of Governable Places

Tero Karppi - Hot Spots: Subjects of Augmented Reality Applications

Jennifer Gabrys - ‘City as Platform’: The Politics of Urban Participation in the Connected Sustainable City


16.00 - 16.15 Short Break 


16.15 - 17.15 Keynote

(Boardroom) Chair: Joss Hands


Tim Jordan - Platforms and Information Politics


17.15 - 18.00 - Plenary 


Greg Elmer and Ganaele Langlois, summary observations and details of journal special issue, followed by brief closing remarks from Joss Hands and Jussi Parikka. 



19.00 Friday Evening Entertainment 


By happy coincidence If anyone would care for some post-conference relaxation and entertainment there is a event at the Mumford Theatre, part of Anglia Ruskin University's main Campus:


'Professor Vanessa's Performing Wonders' -   'Cine-variety and Spectacular Entertainments'


Featuring early films with live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne, vintage ephemera from the British Library's Evanion collection, and performances by internationally renowned artists including Olivier award winning showwoman and artiste Marisa Carnesky, Swordswallower and eccentric comedienne Miss Behave, Hoola Hoop legend Marawa the Amazing, and fire eater Tim Cockerill appearing as The Great Inferno. Don't miss this extravagant showcase of neo-variety acts and the late-Victorian and Edwardian performance cultures that inspire them!


 More details here 



Conference pack, with schedule and abstracts, downloadable in PDF format HERE